Where are Yoga Pants Made

A question often arises which is, Where are Yoga Pants Made and its a great question and I believe we are the only retailer answering it predominantly on our main page as a consumer you may just be surprised.

Our Products are made in Asia and possibly by the same manufacturers as the top Apparel active wear brands and it is listed in our product details should the suppliers manufacturers marketing material provided to us do so, we make no claims otherwise. We do not use tear off tags to appear they are made at any country other than their true origin. We are fully transparent about manufacturing which is important to you as a consumer.

Based on research articled below in the press major brands are producing in South East Asia as well as china as reported Courtesy Yahoo Finance. 

Courtesy Yahoo Finance

The apparel industry outsources most manufacturing to overseas countries due to cost advantages. Lululemon Athletica (LULU) and its competitor firms, VF Corporation (VFC), BEBE Sport (BEBE), NIKE (NKE), Columbia Sportswear (COLM), The Gap (GPS), and Adidas (ADDYY), are no exceptions to this trend.

 Sources of fabric

LULU owns no manufacturing facilities of its own, nor does it operate any. It sources the necessary fabrics from a select group of ~65 suppliers. Its trademarked Luon fabric is its largest fabric requirement, making up about 30% of the company’s total fabric use. The fabric is sourced from a single supplier.

Manufacturer base

There were about 35 manufacturers producing the company’s products as of the fiscal year ending February 2, 2014. Of them, five manufacturers produced ~63% of the company’s products. In terms of geography, South and Southeast Asia accounted for ~67% of production, while ~23% of products were produced in China.

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Therefore based on market intelligence should it be accurate we make no apologies for the source of our products which could possibly be made in the same factory as your favorite brand label. However based on our pricing our profit margins currently have us operating at a loss after expenses, which is planned and based on our long term growth objective in which a greater volume of sales will increase our purchasing power from suppliers without carrying cost increases on to our consumers.

This information is not to pass judgement or detract whatsoever from any brand but rather to educate our consumers of the industry supply chain in athletic wear, in fact some brands mentioned in the above articles are ones I actually enjoy and others mentioned I cannot comment on as I have not been a consumer of their products nor do I have any plans to purchase from them as its my personal choice.

The Yogapants08 Team